About Us


We were brought up with the understanding that working hard and living in the great outdoors was not just a way of life but the foundation of how we as Scholars are meant to spend our time in the wild. The wild indeed groomed us for the modern world and gave us the necessary tools to become leaders in our fields. When we were young we followed our fathers in the fields, the saw mills and the hay lofts. Although times have changed our values do not. Like our fathers we have calloused hands, subscribe to long days & believe in the beauty of the great outdoors and all it has to offer. Dirt Road Scholar is built for those who believe in the mantra and where we come form. 

Wearing the DRS logo means that you are someone who works with a certain standard of quality that sets the bar high for others to follow. As Dirt Road Scholars others will indeed follow our trail, spending time in the great outdoors and adapting values is a way of life and one we have come to value over all material items. Like all things in the great outdoors the sun falls and long days come to an end as we consistently raise a damn cold, cold one.


The Story of Athletic B The Buck

The story of “Athletic B The Buck” goes back for many generations. Our ancestors once spoke of a white tailed deer that rarely exposed himself to be seen in the foot hills of Eastern Canada, a deer with so much muscle on it’s body that he was named “Athletic B" due to his ability to dodge hunters bullets and out run his prey (both machine and beast). 


Some have said that Athletic B is still alive to this day feeding on only ginseng root and bear meat in order to keep his human like build and to stay youthful. You will know if you ever come across an animal doing 2 legged body squats or climbing an oak tree, you can bet that it’s Athletic B getting in his daily workout looking for another bullet to dodge.